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 Uryu Ishida

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PostSubject: Uryu Ishida   Uryu Ishida Icon_minitimeSat Jul 12, 2008 1:29 pm

Name: Uryu Ishida

Age: 15

Appearance: Quincy clothing, and a mantle. Glasses, black hair, nerdy.

Bows: Lone Sparrow-Kajaku, Lone Sparrow on a silver cliff-Ginrei Kajaku, Sanrei bow.

Gintou: Sacred bite-Haizen, Quintuple restraining frames-Gritz, Emerald Grail-Volcore

Personality: Uryū is generally shy and quiet, but tries harder to act cool when other people are around. For example, during the Soul Society arc he wears a mantle that serves no purpose other than to make him look cooler, despite the fact that it hinders his movement. He even keeps a spare to that effect. In addition, he also has a tendency to say things with characteristic drama.

History: As a child, Uryū mostly interacted and trained with his grandfather, Sōken Ishida. His father, Ryūken Ishida, was less than enthusiastic about being a Quincy, claiming that it wasn't a profitable occupation. They don't appear to be on very good terms as a result, given Uryū's casual use of his father's given name, which is considered very rude in Japanese society. Sōken understands Ryūken's reasoning, since being a Quincy is more about justice than material rewards and Ryūken has a family to support. Sōken told Uryū that he would someday understand his father's motives, but thus far this isn't the case.

At a fairly young age, Uryū's grandfather was killed by hollows right in front of him.[11] This is one of the reasons he hates Soul Reapers, who didn't come to rescue Sōken in time.[11] It is later revealed that the current captain of the 12th Division, Mayuri Kurotsuchi, was behind the delay so that Sōken's soul could be collected for study.
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Uryu Ishida
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