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 Yachiru Kusajishi

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Yachiru Kusajishi

Yachiru Kusajishi

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PostSubject: Yachiru Kusajishi   Yachiru Kusajishi Icon_minitimeWed Jul 30, 2008 4:26 pm

Name:Yachiru Kusajishi

Age:About 6

Rank: Lieutenant of the 11th division
Appearance:Pink hair,Brown eyes,Height is 3'7",Weight is 34.2 lbs and is a female.

Personality:Cheerful, energetic, no respect for superiors, except for Zaraki. Carefree most of the time, and is intimidating, especially when annoyed or angry. All in all, Yachiru acts more like a little child than anything.


Zanpakuto Name:The name and power of Yachiru's Zanpakuto is currently unknown. She carries her Zanpakuto around with a loose cord, rather than at the sash of her uniform. Her Zanpakuto scabbard is also unusual in that it has a pair of wheels for transport.It also has a child-like flower pattern on the cross guard.




Character History:In North Rukongai, in the 79th district (Kusajishi), someone murdered Yachiru's (who was then unnamed) parents. A highly skilled sword fighter with a name unknown to all, including himself, from Soul Society's 80th District, Zaraki, soon found her. The swordsman named the baby Yachiru after the only person he ever aspired to be. That same day, the swordsman named himself Kenpachi, after the most skilled sword fighter in every generation.

From that moment on, the two have been inseparable and have developed a caring, albeit argumentative, father-daughter relationship. There is currently no information on how they entered Seireitei and became Shinigami. The anime suggests that Kenpachi simply walked in and killed the former 11th Division captain, thus becoming the current one, so it stands to reason she became a Shinigami at the same time.

*If anyone knows anything else about Yachiru plaese pm me about it.*
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Yachiru Kusajishi
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