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 ichiro ugidawa

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PostSubject: ichiro ugidawa   ichiro ugidawa Icon_minitimeThu Aug 14, 2008 8:52 pm

Name: ichiro ugidawa

Age: im 60 but i look 14


Appearance: ichiro ugidawa C3f474

Personality: Ichiro is very free spirited, and happy most of the time. In his free time he just likes to lay down and sleep. He is kinda lazy but when duty calls he's ready for action. He is extremely generous and gives money to orphans so they wont have to feel the pain he felt when his friends died. Ichiro just wants to improve his kido and become capitan of the 13th squad.

Specialty: extremely masterful of sword fighting

Zanpakuto Name: shinmaji (shin-ma-jee)

Shi-kai: in its shikai form, shinmaji is 2 katana connected together by the handle that can disconnect and reconnect by ichiro's command. it kinda looks like this <----l--l----> you get the idea

Ban-kai: his bankai ugiwa-shinmaji is like before but with 4 connected, and a long black chain in the middle to twirl it around and through it. is also has 4 spikes on each blade.

Kido: 1. Restrain 4. Crawling Rope 4. White Lightning 31. Shot of Red Fire 33. Blue Fire, Crash Down

Character History: Ichiro was born in the western part of Rukongai. His mom died at birth and his dad left him on the streets when he was 8 because he couldn't feed him.By then Ichiro had to fend for himself, luckily he met some friends and they looked out for each other. They quickly became small criminals (stealing food and money) they were poor but happy.

When Ichiro was 13 he met a nice shinigami who offered to get him into the soul reaper academy, he obviously accepted. He promised his friends he would come back with food and money. But sadly they died of starvation in 2 years. Ichiro wasn't very good at kido but was excellent at sword fighting. He graduated and hopefully got into the 13th squad
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ichiro ugidawa
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