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 My Character Template

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PostSubject: My Character Template   My Character Template Icon_minitimeMon Jul 20, 2009 7:27 pm

Name: Ryoshi Reakio

Age: 550 but look 16

Previous Rank: substitute shinigami

Appearance: kind of long blonde hair, somewhat short

Mask: curved inwards on the sides and a rounded point at the top and a lightning like detail on the face

Full Hollow Form: very muscular and detailed...long blue and black hair and a lightning like design tattooed on my body the hole is on my chest

Personality: loves to fight and causing a lot of commotion....very rebelious

Specialty: i am crazy good at flash step and a master swordsman

Zanpakuto Name: Reakiou Shigai

Shi-kai: regular katana but in its released form it is a broad sword with a halo like blade in the center with a spiked edge...very destuctive its a lightning zanpakto with crazy fast attacks and able to control storms

Ban-kai: The name of my ban-kai is Farathas summons forth a destructive lion made from the lightning of which my blade has the abillty to entrap and enemy in its claws and burn and scorch them till i mercfully say let go...

Kido: 4. White Lightning 31. Shot of Red Fire 33. Blue Fire, Crash Down 54. Waste Flame

Hollow powers: reincarnation and Cero
Character History: Very violent history grew up around fighting and killing
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My Character Template
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